Network IT provides business data services that provide lightning fast data connectivity speeds and enable businesses to operate at optimum efficiency. Our data solutions deliver highly scalable, differentiated end-to-end IP services with simpler configuration, management, and provisioning for business.

Data Solutions

  • ADSL Broadband
  • Fibre Internet
  • Diginet
  • Mobile Data (3G,LTE)
  •  MPLS  Multi-Protocol Label Switching is essentially a mechanism to enable your connectivity solution to operate over a private WAN rather than the internet. More and more clients are leveraging this extremely effective technology to ensure security, stability, consistency of service and uniform user experience from anywhere in the world.
  •  VLANS  For multi-departmental organizations with differing application sets, security privileges and other service requirements across different business units, Virtual Local Area Networks enable permission-based access to separate network areas defined by specific user groups.
  •  QOS  Quality of Service is a key aspect of any credible connectivity solution, but is often overlooked by clients. QOS allows the segregation of traffic over the network and enables prioritisation of certain application data. It is essential for any clients who want to get the most from there VoIP solution.

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