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The Levels Of IT Support

IT support is usually divided into a number of levels to ensure that the customers served by the IT support company are provided more sufficient IT support. The levels of IT support a company contracts is entirely dependent on their needs, as each company requires a different amount of IT support. There are three levels of IT support, and each of these levels provide a different quality of service in order to ensure that the service provided by IT support experts is the best service possible.
Tier 1 or Level 1 IT Support

The first level of IT support is the simplest form of IT support provided to a company, and it is simply support to handle the majority of the basic issues that arise in an average company. Problems like network failure, computer software or hardware problems, or other simple issues are often handled by level 1 IT support experts.

The purpose of the simpler form of IT support is to handle any simple problems to prevent them from becoming more serious issues. In order to solve the problems presented by the customer, the Tier 1 IT support technician should evaluate the different symptoms of the problem to ensure that the problem is solved and not just a symptom. Usually Level  1 IT support is able to correct the majority of the problems that arise without the need for more in depth IT support.

Tier 2 or Level 2 IT support

Tier 2 IT support is designed to handle problems that are more complex or advanced, such as removing a virus from a network or installing a number of new servers. Any tasks that require more technical knowledge or administration knowledge of computer or networks systems usually demand level 2 IT support. More complex troubleshooting and preemptive measures designed to protect companies from data breach or theft require the expertise of a Tier 2 IT support technician.

Contracting a level 2 IT support technician to help solve problems will help your company to be able to eliminate complex problems that tend to crop up in the running of a larger business. Usually the Tier 2 IT support technician is called in once a Tier 1 technician has determined that a particular problem is more complex than its symptoms lent him to believe.

Tier 3 or Level 3 IT support

Tier 3 IT support is the most comprehensive type of IT support, and Tier 3 technicians are trained and capable of handling any advanced IT support issue or problem that may arise. The service provided by Level 3 technicians is usually a very advanced service, such as handling the back end of administrating a company’s network or server, as well as any other aspects of the IT needs of a company that are very advanced.

By the time the Level 3 IT support technician has to be called in, the company being serviced has a very serious problem. Usually the Tier 3 technician will only come in once the Level 2 technician has determined that the problem is very complex and advanced, such as being forced to replace an entire network due to complete contamination by a serious virus. The Tier 3 IT support technicians are responsible for deciding the best plan of action for replacing or restructuring the IT aspects of the company.

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